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Dog Trainer To Avoid Your Pet Pulling Your Arm Off

Posted on October 1, 2011 by , with 27233 views

Dog Trainer To Avoid Your Pet Pulling Your Arm Off

Taking your pet for a walk should be an enjoyable experience, not one which leaves your arms aching after your dog constantly running too far away, reaching the end of the dog lead. Some dogs simply will keep trying to pull themselves away from the lead, and depending on the size of the dog, this can be quite strainful on your arms.

There now exists a device called the Tug-Preventing Dog Trainer which looks to combat these dog walking issues. For $39.95, the ultrasonic device is designed to help train your dog when our for walks. The contraption is places between the collar and leash, and whenever the device senses a tug, it will emit an ultrasonic noise which only your dog will be able to hear, thus forcing it to realise that tugging is not worth it!

The noise becomes louder, based on the force of the tug and is customisable to four volume levels. The Dog Trainer is powered by two AAA batteries and we believe if you have a large dog, who likes to try and escape at every opportunity, then this handy little device is definitely worth the small investment.

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People can run though

Submitted by Brennan

Hannah montana

Submitted by migosATL

What an idea, supab
i love

Submitted by jessy

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Submitted by Mabel

For my project work!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Aprila

L a z y. Why don't you train your own dog?

Submitted by Yo Crazy M

Wow. This world is getting so lazy. What happened to the days of just walking down the street with a normal leash? Shouldn't this be part of taking on the responsibility of a pet?

Submitted by courtney

U should be talking smeigol!!!

Submitted by Lord of th

I love smeigol!!!! Yaaaaay!!

Submitted by Lord of th

Hey this thing is ok but what if I have a cat that pulls my arm off?!

Submitted by AirJordan8

This thing killed my dog!!!

Submitted by not a name

So cruel

who ever made this deserves to be shot

Submitted by ralph

Poor doggie... Does it hurt its ears???

Submitted by Petunia

Billy bob likes this ! & wonders about his dog ?

Submitted by Billy Bob

Y'all got some lame names (: lololol yo mamma is out ! (:

Submitted by YO Mamma(:

Hello world, it's yo mammas ! Xd

Submitted by YO Mamma(:

Will this hurt my dog. Because I have a great dane and he does try to run away alot so is this out yet.

Submitted by YTK swagg

Thanks for helping me to see thgins in a different light.

Submitted by Dortha

Who is the inventor of this stuff? I need it for my assignment.. Thanks

Submitted by marvel

Great idea.. But does the dog get mad and fuss.. My dog does get mad and maybe will bite

Submitted by Dallas

Wiill the doggy bite?.....

Submitted by yadhu madh

Cool.. Nice.. Whatever! :)

Submitted by Bella-Isab

I like it but you should put the author of the article

Submitted by Peanut

This is a great way to keep your dog from running away with your arm still holding onto the leash

Submitted by Jessie

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