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Digital Photo Frame

Posted on March 15, 2007 by , with 7206 views

Digital Photo Frame

CEIVA offers an exclusive digital photo frame. This clever device can exhibit in full colour a photograph from a digital camera. Photos can be set to change intermittently to prive a slideshow experience, allowing a set of your favorite photos to be showcased, not just a single static image.

The frame can receive images via the internet without use of a separate computer, straight from friends and relatives all over the globe. It is also compatible with camera phones, permitting an image from a phone to be transferred with ease to the frame.

Although the frame does look more like a monitor than a frame, the idea is good, and the quality we believe will be razor sharp. For the traditionalists a common frame may be preferred, but for those into new technology then this enables them to exhibit multiple images with minimal fuss.

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Until I found this I thought i'd have to spend the day insdie.

Submitted by Dens

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