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Anti Picking Theft Device The Flexible Key

Posted on February 26, 2008 by , with 8535 views

Anti Picking Theft Device The Flexible Key

With theft as prominent as ever and remaining a distinct threat to all of us, any innovations to improve security are embraced with open arms. One of the primary dangers is pick-locking - a skill which even the most novice of burglars can master. Whether it is a lock on your car, briefcase or house - the lock itself is no match to a determined intruder.

In an effort to improve home security the Anti-picking Theft Device from PRO invention was born. With what is essentially a 'bendy key', the flexible key passes along and reaches the lock along a curved tunnel which is immune to picking and drilling. There is also an indicator on top which flashes either 'Open' or 'Closed' for that extra reassurance.

It's a good concept, but appears somewhat clumsy and depends on having a lock which compliments the bendy key. If companies are reluctant to instil bendy locks, then it is unlikely that the flexible key will be utilised.

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