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Aircraft Inspired Seating Into The Living Room

Posted on August 5, 2012 by , with 16731 views

Aircraft Inspired Seating Into The Living Room

Aircrafts are not typically designed for maximum comfort, more so to maximise capacity and squeeze as many passengers in as possible. Business class however is a different story, allowing those able to afford the prices to a more relaxing and comfortable experience.

Basing household furniture on airline seats may sound rather odd, since in your home you are looking for ultimate comfort. This seat comes in at �1,300, and we can't help but think that airline seats should be reserved for time spent in the air, and not time spent trying to relax in your own home. The chair does however look the part, and has a basic reclining mechanism extending a little further than the airborne counterpart.

Designed by Jeffret Bernett, the chair does look impressive in its own right, but we'd rather separate flight chairs from home seating. You don't want to be sitting watching TV and then expecting your house to take-off into the sky.

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Love u too scott

Submitted by J Bieber

I love u scott

Submitted by A Grande

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Submitted by R Tyrt

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Submitted by B Yorke

Wish you guys can give more info with what everything is about... It's pretty tiring to imagine everything at the first look... But I kindda like this idea

Submitted by c HUMPHREY


Submitted by V

Many blogs just do not concern thlemseves about the information in the articles they provide their readers. Well thankfully, this isn't one of them. I found the piece occupying and it made good sense.

Submitted by Mary

I really like to take airplane.
because it is very comportable.
however if I have this chair,
i can feel comportable in the home.
it's really useful!
i want buy this chair!!

Submitted by minseon

Very useful our daily life :3 during study...and watch tv! I want buy this chair! Who do someone want to buy that chair???

Submitted by student jj

I was chatting with a friend the other day that's studying to be an electrician, I think he is in an apprenticeship currently. They wouldn't quit moaning about the
work though. They will get accustomed to it all!

Submitted by Antje

There are countless wonderful types of kid's rooms on the market. It's so
tricky to obtain the balance between safe/functional and something that really looks great!
picking fabric and designs that will last from toddlerhood into childhood is very difficult.

Submitted by Shella

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