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336 Sms Mirror

Posted on July 24, 2007 by , with 7619 views

336 Sms Mirror

Following the article on the Smart Mirror, emerges yet another new mirror invention. The product is the +336 + SMS Mirror, which acts as a standard mirror in normal use, but transforms into an SMS text display screen when the user desires. This is achieved by simply standing in front of the mirror and sending a text which appears on screen in luminous text.

The product is limited edition, and only twenty are being produced globally. The product is retailing at $10,000 and the team at IR cannot imagine how such a price can be justified. However, with only twenty on sale, it's guaranteed that some gadget crazy businessmen will ignore the price tag and purchase it on the 'just to say I've got one' basis.

We can't see the product extending beyond its twenty quota, since the only thing this mirror doesn't reflect is its own price. If you're one of the twenty to grab this product and are reading this article, let us know if you're satisfied, and more importantly, why. Perhaps we're missing something.

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